Celebrating Anna Olivo: The Heartbeat of Our Brigade

NYC Basket Brigade Anna

As autumn paints the city with its vibrant hues, we’re reminded of the warmth and vibrancy brought into our lives by none other than Anna Olivo, our very own ‘Energizer Bunny’. Anna has been the driving force behind the NYC Basket Brigade for over 25 years, transforming our small group’s vision into a beacon of hope and generosity.

Anna’s boundless energy and unparalleled efficiency make her a force to be reckoned with. Her role extends far beyond mere coordination; she’s the mastermind behind logistics, from negotiating food supplies to managing the intricate web of tasks essential for our success – be it fundraising, bookkeeping, or rallying our volunteers and organizers. Her ability to manage all these while maintaining her trademark smile is nothing short of remarkable.

But Anna’s contribution is not just organizational; it’s deeply personal. Her Italian heritage radiates through her commitment, turning the NYC Basket Brigade into an extension of her own family. This is literal too – her children, grandchildren, mother, aunt, and cousin have all been integral parts of our brigade for years, embodying a family tradition of giving and caring.

Retired from her professional career, Anna’s dedication knows no bounds. She juggles babysitting her grandchildren, caring for her 94-year-old mother, and championing our brigade with unmatched vigor. Her ‘get it done’ attitude inspires us all, challenging each team member to push beyond our perceived limits.

Anna’s heart beats in sync with our mission. She personally connects with every one of our 100 volunteers, ensuring no detail is overlooked. This isn’t just about organizing an event; it’s about nurturing a community, a labor of love that Anna has mastered.

Without Anna, the NYC Basket Brigade simply wouldn’t be. Year after year, she is the glue that binds us, the spark that ignites our passion, and the leader who guides our mission. She is not just a force for good; she is the embodiment of pure, intentional love.

Coincidentally, or perhaps serendipitously, Anna’s birthday falls on Christmas – a fitting celebration for someone who is a true gift to us all.

As we embark on this year’s brigade, our hearts overflow with gratitude for Anna’s leadership, passion, and the unwavering love she pours into every aspect of our mission. Anna, thank you for being the soul of the NYC Basket Brigade and an inspiring beacon of ‘family first’.

Join Us in Honoring Anna

Let’s make this year’s brigade a tribute to Anna’s incredible legacy. Your involvement, be it through volunteering, donations, or simply sharing our story, is a continuation of the love and commitment that Anna has championed for over two decades.

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