Celebrating Eight Years of Community Strength with Donna Smith

New York City Basket Brigade Partnership Donna Smith

As the leaves turn and we embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s a time to acknowledge the roots of our community’s strength and growth. One such root, a pillar of resilience and dedication, is none other than Donna Smith from the Brownsville Partnership.

For the past eight years, Donna has been the orchestrating force behind the NYC Basket Brigade’s endeavors in Brownsville. Her tireless work as the Operations Manager has not only been instrumental but truly transformational for our annual Thanksgiving event there.

With an impressive portfolio that stretches over a decade across both nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Donna’s journey has been marked by impactful initiatives such as the Women United in Philanthropy and the Young Leaders Program. Her educational background in Pre-Law Political Science and Business, combined with her expertise in technology, underscores her multifaceted approach to driving change.

But beyond her qualifications and her role in operations, it is Donna’s vision and heart that set her apart. She once shared, “We had a vision to have a center for the community… every step we take, we’re moving the needle, trying our best to make a difference. And our annual Thanksgiving event is a testament to that commitment.”

Each year, Donna’s optimism is our beacon—reminding us that there will always be enough hands to help, enough food to share, and always, a bit more love to spread. Her “leery” feeling about having enough volunteers or turkeys transforms into a beautiful surplus, reflecting the abundance that unity and perseverance can bring.

This Thanksgiving, as we gather to package and distribute baskets filled with food and hope, we’re not just sharing a meal; we’re echoing Donna’s unwavering dedication to our neighbors. Every volunteer, every smile, and every basket is a chapter in our collective story of community solidarity.

Join us this Saturday, November 11th in Brooklyn as we continue this tradition, inspired by Donna’s leadership, and write yet another chapter of generosity and community spirit in Brownsville.

Save the Dates:

Brooklyn: Saturday, November 11, 10 AM to 1 PM & 1 PM to 5 PM.  
Westchester:   Monday, November 13 to Saturday, November 18, 2023

For more details and to donate:  https://nycbb.info

To volunteer, please fill out: https://www.nycbasketbrigade.com/register-to-volunteer

Join us, be a part of this legacy, and let’s make history.

”I get a huge kick out of training people, out of helping people, out of being part of a process that I set to see people’s dreams come true. ” – Greg Jackson

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